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PAN-TRANS is one of the oldest private transport companies in the south-east Poland. The company was first launched in 1991 as INTERNATIONAL CARRIAGE OF PASSENGERS of Antoni Blicharz, to become PAN-TRANS company in 2015.

For all those years on the transportation market we have won the trust of many passengers. We also expanded the fleet range which is constantly modernized. Actually we have got 6 modern and comfortable coaches. So far our company carried out links to many European countries, however, our offer in this filed is still widening of new bus stops in Poland and abroad. On our coach each passenger feels safe and comfortable, moreover the experienced drivers will carry out the whole journey without any fault.

We operate on occasional services, school trips, transport to the work place, pilgrimages and shuttles.

Our current system of connections from Poland includes countries such as: Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, The United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Ukraine and Italy.

AUTo - pan

Currently, we provide our customers with a comprehensive service of all kinds of vehicles, as an additional profile of our company. Beginning with an import of cars, sell of used cars, up to the full mechanical operation or body and paint service.

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establish cooperation

  • We will gladly cooperate with the natural person, travel agencies, companies, work places, associations and other subjects in order to extend our activity, mainly in the area of coach transportation. We are looking for contributors with a great number of data about the potential clients, to establish contacts with as much people, both at home and abroad, as possible.

    We ensure highly qualified staff and attractive pricing.

Cheaper travelling!

Please, feel free to negotiate our prices. Negotiations depend on the number of hired coaches and the time of lease.

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